Demo Page

1: To sign up to the treatment programme, click on the Sign Up button and follow the instructions.  

Before you start you choose a login name and a password. These will give you access to your own secure online files. It is important to remember your login name and password

Sign Up page

2: Once you have signed up for the online treatment you. will be asked to complete an intake questionnaire. This takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.  Your answers give your therapist a good idea of who you are and what your personal situation is. 

Intake Questionaire

3: After filling out the questionnaire you will immediately have access to your online files. To login to your files go to the website and fill in your login name and password at “Log In”.

In your online files you will find messages and assignments from your therapist and you can also send messages to your therapist.  There is no ‘live’ element to this interaction.  Your therapist will always respond to messages and assignments within 3 working days.


4: During your treatment we will ask you to monitor your daily alcohol consumption using an innovative piece of software, which forms a part of your personal files. You can also enter further information such as how you felt and who you were with when you drank.

Unit Calculator

You can also enter further information on occasions when you drank or felt like drinking.

Alcohol Logbook

In your alcohol logbook you and your therapist will look at your consumption together, and use this, amongst other information during the treatment, to set your personal goals and monitor progress.