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Staged Payments Options

What is is a website providing extensive information about alcohol and an online therapy programme. Your treatment is anonymous and confidential.
Our therapists are experienced professionals working in the field of addiction.

The first set of sessions and assignments within the programme enable you and your therapist to examine your drinking habits; at the end of which your therapist will send you a personalised report on your drinking habits, compiled with the assistance of our Medical Director and the multi-disciplinary team.

You will then continue with further sessions and assignments where you’ll learn how you can change your drinking habits by undertaking homework specific to your needs and goals.

Treatment takes place through a dedicated website and does not require us to contact you through your personal email.

Who is intended for? 

The programme was developed for any adult who would like to know more about his or her alcohol use, or has already decided to do something about it.

If at the end of the online therapy programme you would like to find out more about how to access help and support, we will of course be able to assist you. We will also notify your GP during your online treatment if this is something you would like us to do on your behalf.

How long does the programme take? 

The Intensive Version
The whole programme takes around 16 weeks to complete, depending on how quickly you complete and send in the assignments. Your therapist will respond to your work within 3 working days. This version usually includes around 20 contacts between you and your therapist.

The Short Version
There is also a shorter version of the programme, intended for people in the early stages of problem drinking, or for those who want to keep themselves from a relapse in excessive drinking. This version takes 5 to 6 weeks to complete and usually includes around 5 contacts between you and your therapist.

What do I have to do? 

You get a number of questions and assignments to complete in your own time. One thing we ask is for you to keep a daily log of what you drink. We estimate this will take about 20 minutes a day. 

Who sees my information? 

You log in with your chosen username and a password, so no one else can see your information. You can only give up your anonymity if you wish to. Thus we would only notify your GP etc if you expressly asked us to do so. Only the professional therapists (members of the online therapy team) have access to your information.

In accordance with the law, your file is kept in digital form for ten years; however, none of this data may be released without your permission. The information will be used for a study of the results of the online therapy programme.
You may of course always look at your information via a log-in code on the site, during your treatment and for six months afterwards. 

Who will be my therapist? 

When you sign up, you are put in touch with your therapist. You will have the same therapist for the duration of the therapy programme. Your therapist works closely with other therapists, always consulting with the treatment coordinator and a doctor specialised in addiction. 

How much does it cost? 

The Intensive Version of the programme costs £1500, but you can spread the cost over the duration of your treatment. You will still need to complete the full treatment but the staged payments allow you to spread the cost rather than paying in full up front.

Staged Payments Option

IMPORTANT:  The Staged Payments Option is intended to make the programme  more easily affordable. For the best chance of achieving the desired results, it is advisable to complete the whole programme. Clients should not assume that completion of part or parts of the programme will achieve results comparable to those achievable by completion of the programme in its entirety.  In other words, we strongly recommend that all parts of the treatment programme are completed under the Staged Payments Option for clients to stand the best chance of success.

The Staged Payments Option works as follows:

The initial assessment (intake questionnaire), introduction to and initial communication with personal therapist and the, use of alcohol logbook are all part of the free introduction. Following this, a  secure online payment of £300 is required should you wish to continue with treatment.  There is nothing payable should you wish to discontinue your treatment and the alcohol logbook remains a free online tool for you to continue to use.

The first payment of £300 includes the assignments:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of alcohol
  • Keeping Track in the Alcohol Logbook
  • Analysing Situations.

Over the remainder of the programme (around 16 weeks in total) staged payments are taken every other assignment in increasing amounts.  So, over the course of the treatment, we will  request payment at varying intervals.

The second payment of £300 includes the assignments:

  • Measuring and Knowing
  • Setting Targets

The third payment of £300 includes the assignments:

  • Breaking Habits
  • Thinking Differently

The fourth payment of £300 includes the assignments:

  • Acting Differently
  • Decisions

The final payment of £300 includes the assignments:

  • Making an Action Plan
  • Conclusions

The Short Version of the programma costs £600. We currently do not offer a staged payment plan for this version.

You can, of course, stop your treatment at any time if you wish.  You will still have access to your alcohol logbook and any completed assignments.


Whether you take part in the treatment programme or not, if you have an alcohol problem, joining the forum will provide you with a valuable support tool.  Here, you can share your experiences (anonymously) with other people dealing with similar issues.  You can also communicate with others who have gone through or are undergoing current treatment.  Sharing experiences with others, whether you participate in the treatment programme or not, is a good way of breaking the isolation that alcohol problems can bring about.  And of course, if you join the forum as part of your Free Introduction, you retain membership of the forum (as well as your alcohol logbook) even if you decide not to continue with payment for further treatment. 


At the end of the treatment programme, clients have the option to purchase ongoing contact with their therapist as a form of aftercare. For a cost of £200 the client can have four further online contacts with their therapist once they have completed the programme. The client is also able to access all of their personal data, client files, and historical records of contact sessions for future reference. They may also continue to use the alcohol logbook following completion of treatment.