About us

About our therapists

Therapists at lookatyourdrinking.com come from a variety of disciplines (e.g. psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, psychiatry, nursing, social work) but all are fully qualified and experienced. All our therapists hold professional qualifications in therapy or counselling, are registered with UK professional bodies, and work to the highest ethical standards. In addition, they are experienced in the field of addictive behaviours, have received further training in online therapy, undertake regular clinical supervision, and, through continuing professional development, keep up to date with developments in the field.  

Each therapist is supervised weekly by his or her own online therapy coach, and weekly multidisciplinary team meetings ensure that all treatment is monitored and measured effectively and safely. Dr Bremner (Medical Director) and Dr Hill (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) ensure the effective multidisciplinary care management of each client.