Cut down or quit?

Quit drinking if ...

Medical grounds for quitting drinking
Should I see the doctor?

Medical grounds for quitting drinking

Important medical grounds for quitting are:

  • you have emotional or physical problems which alcohol influences negatively
  • you are taking medications which can have dangerous effects when combined with alcohol
  • you suffer from serious withdrawal symptoms when you don’t have alcohol: feeling sick, sweating, shaking and sleeping badly. These are different from hangovers, which generally don’t last for more than a day. Withdrawal lasts for several days, with the worst symptoms in the first few days.
  • you are pregnant

Should I see the doctor?

If you expect to have  withdrawal symptoms  when you stop drinking, or if you have ever had a withdrawal complicated by seizures, or fitting, it is important to contact your doctor (GP) and get medical help for quitting drinking. If you suffer from any medical condition, for example, high blood pressure, or diabetes, it is important that you tell your GP that you are going to attempt to stop drinking. 

If you’re going to participate in online therapy, your therapist can give you a referral letter which you can print yourself and take along to your doctor’s appointment. The letter has information about online therapy and a medical checklist for your doctor of alcohol related problems. Since you’re taking part anonymously, the letter won’t include any personal information about you.

Any physical symptoms or complaints you experience, may or may not be related to your alcohol consumption. Don’t hesitate to contact your doctor if you have a question or want advice.