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What is the forum and who is it for?
Forum rules
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What is the forum and who is it for?

Do you need contact with others, or would you like to know how others are dealing with alcohol problems? You may be interested in our forum.
A forum, also known as a ‘bulletin board’ or 'discussion group', is a place on the website where people can meet anonymously. You can place messages to other people here, so you can exchange experiences and discuss your situation with others. 
Even if you’re not participating in the online therapy programme you’re welcome to join in.

Forum rules

You may only post messages if you have registered for this forum and have a user name and password. 
When you register, you choose a user name to log in with, and you receive a password in an e-mail. When you log in with your user name and password, you can post messages and take part in discussions. Your user name, but no other information about you, can be seen by the forum.

Make sure that the ‘Profile visible’ and ‘e-mail visible’ options are not ticked when you sign up.
Never put your real name or address (postal or e-mail) in your messages, since they can be read by anyone.

The forum has a moderator, who checks to see that everyone is abiding by the rules. The moderator is not an active participant in the forum, but is entitled to remove messages that don’t meet the requirements (see below). The moderator can also temporarily or permanently deny participants access to the forum.
The following rules apply to forum messages:

  • stick to the subject
  • do not post personal information about other people
  • do not promote alcohol or other addictive substances
  • do not post links to anything illegal
  • do not post commercial messages
  • do not confront or challenge others personally; be positive and supportive
  • do not use obscene language
  • use only one name (account)

Private messages are not checked by the moderator. We do expect that forum participants also respect the rules in private messages as well.

To the forum 

To the forum


lookatyourdrinking.com does not necessarily agree with the content of messages posted on the forum. lookatyourdrinking.com is not responsible for the content of messages on the forum, and accept no liability for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from these messages.