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Reasons to quit
Reasons to cut down
Quotes from the programme 

Reasons to quit

‘After a beer or two I just can’t stop’
‘I eat little or nothing, because when I drink I don’t get hungry’
‘My wife can’t take it any more even if I just have one beer’
‘I’ve had enough alcohol for my whole life’
‘Sometimes I get a stomach ache’
‘I’m pregnant’
“I forget little things more often’
‘I often have shaky hands the morning after’
‘I’ve missed work far too often; I can’t take the risk, so I’d rather stop drinking for good’
‘My doctor says my liver’s not working so well any more’
‘The only reason for me to drink was to get drunk’
‘I’ve tried so often to cut down, but it just goes back up again’
‘I musn’t drink with my medication’ 

Reasons to cut down

‘I want to be able to drink at parties’
‘I don’t want to always have to say “no” if someone offers me a drink’
‘I don’t want to look like a wimp’
‘I want to be able to do that too, after all everybody can drink in moderation’
‘I still want to have a beer with my friends now and then’
‘If I make a deal with myself, I usually can drink a lot less’
‘I have a new job, so I can’t drink so much any more’

These are just a few of the reasons people give for choosing to cut down or quit drinking. If you’d like to know more about this choice, go to What am I going to do? and Quit drinking if…

Quotes from the programme

Below are a few responses from clients who have participated in the online therapy programme in the Netherlands (anonymised for reasons of confidentiality).
 'You’re really helping me to increase my awareness and insight into my drinking, and to make good decisions. I feel very much supported by you, you’re always appreciative and never judgemental. Tonight I was looking over the progress over the last two months. I started the programme on 21 March, and I was having 25-26 drinks a week then. It’s scary to read that now; I almost can’t imagine that any more.'
F., age 52

'It’s crazy, but now I realise that I didn’t drink too much because I had problems, I had problems because I drank so very much.'
M., age 30

'It looked like an innocent couple of glasses of wine I had every day, but it took quite a lot of effort to quit and I’m going to do my level best to keep it up.'
J., age 41

'Now, after 6 weeks, I look back on it very positively. It helped a whole lot and it was fun to do!'
M., age 32

"The fact alone that someone is there is a good thing. So you can talk to them. And someone who doesn’t judge: that’s also very good. And assignments that can really help. Thanks.'
F., age 49

'Id like to thank you personally for your hard work, understanding and personalised approach. We’ve actually got quite personal, I’ve been able to confide things to you that I haven’t dared to tell anyone else. In theory this system allowed you to be there all the time and that was hugely important for me.'
M.t, age 51

'I’ll probably lapse back again but not for so long, and I’m going to remember to work on the things we were involved with.'
H., age 59

‘It feels like a luxury to me to be changing my annoying drinking habit like this.'
L., age 24

'I experience this programme as very enjoyable, not at all threatening, I feel safe here and the communication with you feels good.'
S., age 36

‘But I’ll tell you honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help because I wasn’t able to alone. My sincere thanks.'
M., age 56

'You set a person on the right path by providing food for thought. Ultimately that person has to do it, and they have to want to do it, themselves. For me it’s really been very good. I recognise my pitfalls now, and I’m better able to solve my problems in other ways than by ‘drowning’ them. I’m standing on two much stronger legs now than a few months ago.'
C., age 41

'Thank you for your help with this. I really appreciated it. I’d been working on dealing with the problem for a long time but this programme has brought about a giant leap.'
C., age 58

'The approach is highly personal and I feel like what I write is being taken seriously. I can’t yet say whether it’s effective or not, because I know my weaknesses. But so far so good.'
J., age 51, halfway through the programme

'I no longer drink out of misery, sorrow, frustration, loneliness or fear. There are a lot of challenges on my path, but I haven’t grabbed the alcohol yet. What keeps me from grabbing is the realisation that IT DOESN’T SOLVE ANYTHING. In a nutshell, that’s what I believe is and has been most instructive about your programme. WHY DO I FEEL THIS URGENCY? and WHERE DO I THINK IT WILL GET ME?'
I., age 36

'I feel good working in this way. It gives me a huge feeling of relief and happiness, that I can finally  look at my situation with someone so openly.
I feel that you’re putting an awful lot of effort and energy into me.'
L., age 41